We Love English Breakfast Tea

engl-brekkieWhen we first started Koala Tea, well over 20 years ago now, we did only herbal teas. After all, Howard and I are both herbalists and we thought there was enough “ordinary” tea about already. And yes, the black and green teas on the market proved to be pretty ordinary. Soon our friends asked us to do some good certified organic black teas, and we included inspection visits to organic tea gardens in our annual holidays to India.

When the Australian Koala Foundation asked us to produce an English Breakfast Tea we knew just the tea gardens to use for a good morning tea melange. And I had just the picture for the box: our koala friend who regularly visits our garden and who I had painted not long ago.

If you research the benefits of black tea you will come across these facts:
– Tea can boost exercise endurance. Scientists have found that the antioxidants in  tea extract increase the body’s ability to burn fat as fuel, which accounts for improved muscle endurance.
– Drinking tea could help reduce the risk of heart attack. Tea might also help protect against cardiovascular and degenerative diseases.
– Tea helps fight free radicals. Tea is high in oxygen radical absorbance capacity (“ORAC” to its friends), which is a fancy way of saying that it helps destroy free radicals (which can damage DNA) in the body.
– Tea is hydrating to the body (even despite the caffeine!).
– Drinking tea is linked with a lower risk of Parkinson’s disease. When considered with other factors like smoking, physical activity, age and body mass index, regular tea drinking was associated with a lowered risk of Parkinson’s disease in both men and women.
– Tea could keep waist circumference in check. In one study, participants who regularly consumed hot tea had lower waist circumference and lower BMI than non-consuming participants.

All of the above, and more, seems like a good reason to have a cup of regular tea in the morning, even to this avowed herbal tea drinker.