Frequently Ask Questions

Our teas are manufactured:


  • unbleached hemp fiber tea bag paper
  • 100% cotton string
  • recycled cardboard boxes


  • staples
  • artificial flavours
  • additives or colourings
  • any synthetics

Where do we ship to?

We ship worldwide.


Why do our teas taste so good?

Because we source the best of teas and herbs. We try finding them in Australia first. If they are impossible to find here at a particular season, we then go to their country of origin. All our ingredients are tested for their organic purity and for their taste, and all are certified organic.
This is how our herbs are harvested: just when they reach their peak, they’re picked at the right time of day to ensure maximum flavour. The right time of the month is also important: leaf is more potent on and around the full moon, while roots are at their optimum strength on or around the new moon.
To maintain freshness, and so as not to evaporate the essential oils in the herbs, the harvested plants are dried using cool temperatures. After drying, the herbs are milled, and then blended, before being milled once again to specifications.

There’s a Koala Tea for any time of day, for every occasion and for all ages

The herbs and blends we choose are distinctively flavoursome, and that’s not all. As herbalists we make sure that our special blends are active herbal teas that promote certain feelings of well-being and comfort. Herbs are the great healers and promoters of good health and, used properly, there’s no better way to maintain your physical and spiritual wellbeing. We make teas for any time of day, for every mood and for every season.

Our newest range is Tea for Kids, to help with colds and flu, sleeping problems and upset tummies. There is also the Happy Days tea, a delicious and anytime herbal tea for little ones, so much better than sugary and carbonated drinks. And mums are not forgotten – in this range we included a Tea for Mums who feel a little frazzled and are in need of a healthy and delicious pick-me-up.

100% Organic – Sustainable Agriculture

No chemicals are used to grow ingredients for Koala Teas. These are days of high chemical use in agriculture and horticulture, and unfortunately conventionally grown tea and herbs are no exception. Soils are degraded, water ways and oceans are filling up with chemicals and many people are suffering allergies and diseases as a result.
Organic growers feed the soil with composts, natural fertilizers and green manure plants which are then ploughed in.
We do not force feed the plants with all sorts of chemical sprays.
Healthy soils produce healthy plants to produce healthy people.

The Koala Tea bags

Koala Teas are packed for your ease of use in teabags of non-chlorine bleached filtered paper. Putting the tea in teabags is the best way to ensure a perfect mix of ingredients. The string is 100% unbleached cotton. No chemicals are used in the production of either string or bag.
Both the envelope and the teabag can safely be added to the compost.
We overwrap the box with cellophane to keep the teas safe and fresh. The box and cellophane can be recycled.

Making a Great Cup of Koala Tea

The best cup of tea is made from spring water or filtered water which comes almost to the boil but not quite. Pour water over the tea bag and allow to steep for 3 to 5 minutes and remove the tea bag. If you need sweetening, we recommend honey, but sugar can also be used.

Where are Koala Teas grown?

Because of the wide variety of herbs used in Koala Teas, we grow all around Australia on small farms to get the best growing conditions for each individual herb.
We always try to use Australian herbs, but if this is not possible, we source the best from overseas, preferably through Fair Trade organisations. All the herbs we use are certified organic.
Before using the herbs for our teas, we test them extensively, both for purity and for taste.

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