Australian Organic Association Awards (AOAA) - Hall of Fame medal 2016Congratulations to Howard Rubin

The Australian Organic Association Awards (AOAA) were held recently and we are thrilled to announce and celebrate that our Howard from Koala Tea and Biofoods, is one of two proud recipients awarded the Hall of Fame 2016 honour! Roger Pitt of Kadac Pty Ltd was also inducted into the Hall of Fame! Congratulations to both Howard and Roger.

A quote from the certified organic awards website…

This years’ Hall of Fame recipient, Howard Rubin, has dedicated the past 30 years towards the establishment and development of the Australian organic industry. Upon arriving in Australia in 1987, Howard founded the Organic Herb Growers of Australia. This association later became known as the Organic Growers of Australia (OGA Certified).

OGA were one of the original certification agencies to be formed in Australia. Howard served as its president for 14 years.
Over the years, Howard met with several ministers and Members of Parliament to encourage them to embrace organics. One such meeting with the NSW Minister for Agriculture,

Howard introduced the concept of farmers having to identify what chemicals were used in the crops production. This was flatly refused and thus the concept of organic certification was introduced. Congratulations Howard!

Australian Organic Association Awards (AOAA) - Howard Rubin is a proud recipient of the Hall of Fame medal 2016

The 3rd Annual Awards for Excellence hosted by Matt Welsh, Olympian and Health and Wellness Consultant, were held at the Collingwood Children’s Farm, Melbourne on Thursday, 10th November 2016.

You can read more at the AOAA website here…

A little bit Koala Tea’s History

Howard Rubin & Elle Fikke founded The Koala Tea Company, Australia had no organised herb growing industry, and no Australian made or Australian owned herbal teas….

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