Bob Barker Crew Several times a year we get a visit, or a phone call, from our Sea Shepherd friends to let us know which teas they’re in need of. All of our teas are drunk on all their ships, from Cleanse tea to Dreamtime. They have our Breakfast teas, both herbal and English, and of course our No Worries tea. We are so happy to donate them – if we were younger, and had good sea legs, we may have contemplated going out there with them, but this will have to do as our contribution to a very good organisation.

We get quite a few requests for donations of tea and, if we judge it to be for a worthwhile cause, we’re happy to supply buy ambien them. The protectors at the Bentley blockade got their weekly tea delivery too.

You may have noticed that we have a Peace Tea. We designed that one when Australia was dragged into the Iraq war. Apart from marching for peace, and stickering up our cars with No War signs, this seemed the only thing we could do. We will keep the Peace Tea going for as long as wars keep going, and that seems forever unfortunately… There is an assortment of our teas in the Peace tea box and part of the proceeds go to organisations who look after victims of armed conflicts. Making tea is so much better than making war!

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