Tea for Kids

A unique range of certified organic herbal teas, blended to aid common ailments in children.
They taste delicious and will work equally well for adults.
All are caffeine free.

  • With chamomile, aniseed and echinacea and assists in getting rid of colds and flu. Contains 12 tea bags.
  • Help for colic and tummy aches. Made with chamomile, fennel, mint and vanilla. Contains 12 tea bags.
  • Dreamtime Organic Tea for Kids

    The herbs in our Dreamtime Organic tea are calming and soothing and safely relaxes young and old alike. Contains chamomile, lemon balm and passion flower. Contains 12 tea bags.
  • Happy Days Organic Tea for Kids

    Happy Days Organic tea for kids is ideal for babies and tots who love the naturally sweet and aromatic flavour of this tasty tea. The minerals in Rooibos may help supplement the daily intake of natural fluoride and calcium, so needed by growing children. A very healthy and delicious tea for toddlers and kids. With rooibos, cinnamon and vanilla. Contains 12 teabags.
  • Mother's Little Helper

    Bring back your energy and good cheer. Rooibos is the perfect tea for busy mums. With rooibos, ginger and cinnamon. Caffeine free. Contains 12 teabags.