echiCan we stay healthy with Echinacea tea? We’ve already seen and heard lots of warnings about the upcoming flu season. Like every year, this is going to be one of the worst winters for flu, according to health authorities, and you should go and get your flu shot straight away. That is, if you’re lucky enough to find one, since there is a severe shortage, so don’t dilly dally!

I don’t mind admitting I’m a sceptic. I always wonder if it’s not the big multi-national pharmaceutical companies who want to push those flu shots on us. I had an old auntie who never had one until she moved to an old people’s home in her mid-nineties. There she was pretty viagra much forced into conforming; she surrendered and promptly got the worst flu she ever had in her life. She blamed the shot.

I’ve never had one and, touch wood, don’t get the flu. In autumn I start drinking ECHINACEA tea – one or two cups a day. I could take drops or tablets too, but I’m a tea person and I firmly believe in the power of this herb. There have been disputes and sceptical articles about it, but in the end there is no denying that Echinacea works as a preventative, as an immune builder. We also make a tea we call INNER STRENGTH, with Echinacea and Olive leaf. It’s a very powerful combination for strengthening the immune system, not only against flu but against all sorts of nasties. And if you do catch the sniffles, there is always EUCALYPTUS tea to help you. It’s actually very tasty – you’ll be surprised. No doubt you know that the oil is strongly anti-viral and anti-bacterial, so I also put a few drops on a tissue and keep that on me when I have to be in crowds like on a plane or in a theatre.

By using these three herbs, there is a very good chance you’ll stay healthy this winter.

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