3 kidsStaying at the special price is giftbox with our 4 teas for kids. Teas for kids? you may ask. Yes, why not? It may be a new idea here in Australia, but in many countries in Europe and Asia it’s quite normal to give kids herbal teas, and not only when they’re ill. We decided to make a series of teas to help when they do have a problem, and let’s face it, their problem is very much ours.

We started off with a tea to help them sleep, dreamtime tea, because that’s always the number one concern for parents. It has chamomile, lemonbalm and passionflower in it. Chamomile is just the best herb, especially for babies and toddlers – they respond so well to it. It helps with teething and really calms them down when they’re agitated. Lemonbalm is excellent when there is an upset tummy involved, and passionflower really calms the nerves.

The upset tummies tea is especially for baby’s colic and digestive problems. We formulated it with chamomile, fennel and mint – all herbs that aid the digestion, and then added vanilla, another digestive herb which makes the tea taste quite delicious.

For colds and flu, we made wet noses, sore throats tea, with chamomile, aniseed and echinacea. You will notice that yet again there’s chamomile, the almost wonder herb for kids. Aniseed is a warming herb and echinacea strengthens the immune system. When you know there’s a flu going around, it’s a good idea to start giving the kids this tea, and have some yourself while you’re at it.

And then there’s happy days tea, with rooibos, cinnamon and vanilla. We recommend it as an every day delicious tea, that can also be made into an iced tea or popsicles. Rooibos is a wonderful plant. It doesn’t contain caffeine but is full of minerals, like natural fluoride for healthy teeth and calcium for strong bones. It has anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties too. Cinnamon stimulates the circulation, and vanilla rounds the tea off with its lovely taste.

All these teas are safe for kids of all ages. You can put them in a bottle, warm or cold, or turn them into popsicles. And let’s face it, they are a lot better for the kids than fizzy and sugary drinks. We think this giftbox will make a lovely Christmas present.

The kids in the photo are three Koala Tea grandchildren, who have grown up with the teas. Zoe, in the middle, is the one on the boxes – she’s a lot bigger now.