Elle working at homeWelcome to Koala Tea and our new website. We hope that we made it simple and  easy to follow and that you’ll enjoy it. At more than 15 years of age, our first one was getting a bit tired although it worked well for us for all those years.

Let me tell you a bit about Koala Tea. We are a real family company, started in 1993 by my partner Howard, our youngest daughter Freya and myself. When she finished college, Freya took a crash course in how to work a tea bagging machine and became our first tea bagger, so to speak. Now she’s a high flying accountant in Melbourne who loves to discuss the business with her dad and to advice him, if needed. Our son Morgan is a keen photographer and we’ve used his photo’s for our KT Organics range. Wendy, our oldest, joined the business some years ago and is part of the sales team. Grand children also make guest appearances and help out when they’re here. The Tea for Kids feature our grand daughter Zoe, and Freya too on the Tea for Mums pack. Lastly, I design the packs and formulate the teas and, of course, Howard manages the whole business.

Our other staff members almost feel like family, most have been with us for years.
You’re welcome to tell us your tea stories/wishes or to leave comments on our Koala Tea facebook page.
We hope you enjoy our teas.


Some more on our history is here “The Koala Tea Story”