Turmeric tea a new organic blend from Koala Tea CompanyWonderful Turmeric is our newest organic tea after we put out a call to friends for their suggestions for new teas. The only suggestion we received was for a men’s tea. We thought about it but decided to wait with that one as, in our experience, it’s mostly women that buy the teas, and really, we like to be gender-neutral. Except in the case of our I am Woman tea, which is just perfect for all sorts of conditions and circumstances specific to women.

But, we decided, Turmeric yes! That beautifully golden coloured root, that would certainly make a wonderful addition to our range of teas. At home we cook with turmeric every day.

  • It goes into stews and soups and stir fries, and a teaspoon is added to every pot of rice or quinoa.
  • It is a wonderful cleanser, both inside and out.
  • It has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic qualities, and works wonders when you have problems with gastric disorders.

I was checking the stories online and found that there are suggestions turmeric may prevent Alzheimers. The Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center at the University of California is currently planning clinical human trials. No wonder then that it has become one of the “in” herbs.

There is a great article on the benefits of Turmeric and especially Alzheimer’s disease prevention on the Body and Soul blog here.

As Turmeric by itself is too strong, we had to find other herbs to mix it with, ones that would be compatible. Designing a new tea involves a lot of trial and error, especially if you only use natural ingredients like we do. We don’t perfume the tea with synthetic oils and additives like most other herbal companies, but we take our time, try different herb combinations and percentages, and for this one we ended up with ginger, lemongrass and mint.I designed the box, off it went to our printers and now we’re waiting for them to do their thing. Between you and me, that often takes the longest…Another new tea is the Mango tea and is now available. We developed it for one of our clients and the mango we found is so delicious that we decided to add it to our Gourmet Tea range. As soon as we get the Turmeric teapacks from the printers we’ll start producing them and will put them up on the website. I hope you will like them as much as we do!

You can also try our Berryful and Turmeric gift pack with 20 tea bags – 10 Turmeric and 10 Berryful.